Our Programs/Courses Offered

The way we manage our activities is based on a set of core values – honesty, integrity and respect for people. These are embodied in our principles that describe the behavior expected of every employee in their business relationships with other people, organizations and companies.

We believe in the promotion of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism and take pride in what we do. In order to make sure that we act according to our values, we have put in place, and are still installing the necessary management systems and protocol tools that help employees go about their daily business in a responsible way.

Each service segment is headed by Head of Departments, who one assisted by Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Coordinators, Lecturers, Accountants Managers, Engineers, IT professionals, Technical Staff and support.

2 & 4 Years

Nursing Program

  • BSc. Nursing 2 Years (Post RN)
  • BS. Nursing 4 Years (GENERIC)
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4 Years

BS – Paramedics Degree

  • BS. (OTT) Operation Theater Technology
  • BS. (AT) Anesthesia Technology
  • BS. (MIT) Medical Imaging Technology
  • BS. (MLT) Medical Lab Technology
  • BS. (PH) Bachelor of Public Health
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5 Years

Rehabilitation Program

  • (DPT) Doctor of Physical Therapy
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1 & 2 Years

Diploma Programs

  • Community Midwife (CMW) 2 Years
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 2 Years
  • Lady Health Visitor (LHV) 2 Years
  • Post Basic Specialization PAEDS & ICU 1 Year
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