Event Details

Event Name: Where & How to get Scholarships
Event Date: 14 September 2020 (12:30 PM) To 14 September 2020 (02:30 PM)
Event Participants: Speaker: Mr. Fazal Manan, PhD Scholar at North Dakota State University, USA
Participants: PIHS Faculty and Students
Event Location: PIHS Islamabad
Event Details:

PIHS conducted a training session to motivate its faculty and students regarding “Where & How to Get Scholarships”. The Honorary Speaker Mr. Fazal Manan (Fulbright Ph.D. Scholar at North Dakota State University, USA)  shared his experiences regarding the best approaches to get scholarships with the participants.

The event was started with recitation of Holy Quran. The introductory speech was given by Mr. Mohsan Aslam (Coordinator MLT).

The Honorary Speaker Mr. Fazal Manan started with general introduction to national and international scholarships, eligibility criteria for UGRAD, Fulbright, commonwealth, US-Pak Knowledge Corridor and other important scholarships of Europe, America and Asia. He focused on academic excellence, English language/proficiency courses like IELTS and TOEFL etc. He shared about competitive exams for graduates like International GRE, GAT etc.

There was a section where following aspects were focused CV/Resume making according to international standards, writing letter of recommendation, letter of proficiency, email writing, official professional conversation with professors and universities. He also shared his experience of academics, learning environment of USA, their culture and roots of educational excellence.

About the English language tests he described about the composition of syllabus, time required, mode of exam/assessment, acceptable grades for different countries, recommended books, materials and websites.

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