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Message from Chairman (PIHS)

PIHS is a leading Institute in Pakistan with a particular emphasis on "understanding and improving lives", as our motto goes. It has an important role to play in the health care sector in Pakistan and has vision to help bringing improvements in health care education, creation of hitherto largely missing research infrastructure, and establishment of the Institute run health care delivery system as an adjunct to the existing federal and provincial systems to help improving the quality lives of people in Pakistan

PIHS holds a huge responsibility to ensure quality and standard education in nursing and health sciences among its students through trainings, workshops, and seminars and research, so that they serve the underprivileged society in the country and humanity at large. All those who join .PIHS, will be provided equal opportunities to grow as rounded individuals and the best care givers, taking merit and transparency as our guiding principles.

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Prime Institute of Health Sciences (PIHS) has built a reputation in the field of health professionals and make a beneficial contribution to the society by providing educated and skillful individuals. We are pleased to announce that PIHS has affiliation with the following Universities/ Hospitals/ Institutes for Degree/Diploma Programs.

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Job Alert 

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On December 12, 2023, the PIHS faculty members, along with the Head of Department(HOD) of Bachelor of Public Health(BSPH)

On December 12, 2023, the PIHS faculty members, along with the Head of Department(HOD) of Bachelor of Public Health(BSPH), enthusiastically participated the 13th Annual Public Health Conference held HSA Chak Shehzad. The aim of the conference “Shaping Healthcare through Evidence: Pioneering Solution for Disease Prevention and Control” was to bring together experts and professionals to explore innovative strategies and initiatives aimed at advancing healthcare practices, with a specific focus on pioneering solution for effective disease prevention and control. The conference also focused on fostering collaboration and share insights that contribute to shaping a healthier future. 

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Department of Nursing had proudly hosted a student Seminar of GBSN 8th semester from 4-7 December 2023 at PIHS

Prime institute of health sciences department of nursing had proudly hosted a student seminar of GBSN 8th semester from 4-7 December 2023 at PIHS auditorium. The seminar focused on emerging trends and key issues within health care system, Nursing roles in evidence base practices and professional development of nurses performing different roles in health care organizations. 

Mr. Abdul wajid, Chairman PIHS and Director Nursing Mrs. Mussarat Jamshaid served as guest of honor. 

Both of them appreciated and encouraged the students for their outstanding presentation. 

Dr. Aysha Wajid, Principal PIHS, provided positive feed back appreciating student’s choice of excellent topics, which she deemed necessary for the current times. 

Our honourable guest, Mr. Sharif Khattak, MSN scholar and senior supervisor nurse at surgical department Pims, also praised the commendable work of GBSN 8th semester students for showing their work in professional and elegant manner. Mr. Imran Masih, senior Nursing Instructor at PIHS, also expressed gratitude to chairman, and faculty of department of Nursing PIHS and also appreciate students for their active participation in this interctive session.

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