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Central Library


Central library of the Prime Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad is well established having covered area equal to (approximately 7000 square feet), which has a separate Text &Reference Section having seating capacity of 200 students and a Digital & Periodical Section which has a seating capacity of 50 students.

  • Text & Reference Section

    Text and reference section contains informations in the form of printed books, organized and catalogued according to Dewey decimal classification system.

  • Digital & Periodical Section

    Digital section provides its users link to HEC National Digital Library which has access to National and international scholarly journals.
    In periodical sections users are provided with different printed medical journals along with ten daily newspapers.

Library Mission

Central Library plays a vital role in support of the academic and research by providing organized informations to its users. We utilize innovative approaches in working with students, faculty members and researchers to help them to utilize current technologies, information literary skills and to support and contribute to the society through pursuit of education in different disciplines.

Prohibited Activities In Library

  • Rule 1

    Loud or disruptive behavior & Harassment, threatening, tormenting and dangerous behavior

  • Rule 2

    Destruction or defacement of library materials, equipment’s of facilities & Theft of library materials.

  • Rule 3

    Making limitation or prevention of access to resources by means of theft, damage or misplacement of library materials.

  • Rule 4

    Beverages in covered or closed and open containers are not permitted in the library, there is also no food stuff permitted in library.

  • Rule 5

    Taking on cell phones is not permitted. Disruptive or illegal behavior may result in temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges.

  • Rule 6

    No student is allowed without proper college uniform.

Library Resources

The Library has acquired and developed variety of resources to support its users. They are well organized and easy accessible. The details are under.

  1. Books

    A large number of high quality text and reference books are available in the library in the field of Allied Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, Physiotherapy, Computer Science, Islam, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Books are organized according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and shelved subject wise accessing to Call Numbers, pasted on the spine of each book

  2. Periodicals / Magazines

    The library has been subscribing / receiving different journals and magazines in printed form. The current issues are displayed on special shelves in the sections.

  3. Newspapers

    Library receives ten (10) daily national newspapers in English and Urdu languages. Library maintains two years previous record of the newspapers for reference and research purpose.

  4. E-Books

    Library has a large no of e-books in PDF format. These e-books can be searched and downloaded through Calibre e-books management software.

  5. HEC Digital Library

    The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan launched the National Digital Library in February 2004. DL provides researchers within public and private universities in Pakistan and non-profit research and development organizations with access to international scholarly literature based on electronic delivery, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-books across wide range of disciplines.

Library Services

  • Borrowing & Renewing

    All registered members are entitled to borrow books form library. Lending privileges differ for various categories. Books checked may be renewed and may be reserved if already issued.

  • Reading Halls

    Reading areas are provided with comfortable seats and calm environment. Users are expected to observe pin drop silence in reading areas

  • Reference Service

    Library provides reference service to its users. Trained and qualified staff is available for this purpose. Users may make queries by telephone and email

  • Internet & Print out Service

    Library provides internet facility through Digital Library consisting sixteen (16) units of computers. One network printer is provided. Users may avail printout facility on payment.
    All activities for each PC is monitored by staff. If the monitored PCs caught while surfing the illegal web sites, the respective PC will be log off by staff in-charge immediately without notice

  • User Education

    The library staff gives a wide range of presentations to library users, to enable users to use the library to its maximum potential. These presentations educate users on the use of different online databases for literature searching

Library Policy

The library is committed to provide a safe, comfortable and clean environment to its users. Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is constant with the goals and objectives as well as all college policies and applicable laws.

Collection Development Policy

The librarian is responsible for efficient, cost effective growth of the library resources.The guidelines for materials selection for the PIHS Central Library are as follows:

  1. Faculty recommendations

  2. Reviews of professional literature

  3. Price and date of publication

  4. Relation to current trends

  5. Reputation of author and publisher

  6. Strength and weakness of PIHS library existing collection

Lending Policy

  1. Members (students, faculty & staff) desirous of using the library must get themselves registered by applying for library membership on a form obtainable from the library.

  2. A borrower’s card known as the ‘Library Card’ will be issued to each member on presentation of which reading materials will be issued. The card should be surrendered at the time of obtaining admit card / clearance certificate on leaving the college

  3. A member, who loses his/ her card, should inform the librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to the user on payment of fee of Rs. 200/-.

  4. Books borrowed once may be issued again, if not required by other members. Books will not be reissued more than twice.

  5. A fine of Rs. 10/ per day will be charged for each overdue book

  6. Books and other reading materials of the following description shall not be issued, but can be consulted in the library:-

    1. Reference materials (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Atlases)
    2. Theses, Reports, Newspapers etc.
    3. CDs.
  7. Borrowing privileges may differ depending on the membership category. The following privileges are as under:

    Category No. Books Loan Period
    Faculty 3 Two Weeks
    Visiting Faculty 3 Two Weeks
    Staff 2 One Week
    Students 2 One Week

Damage and Loss Policy

  • Books lost, damaged or mutilated in any way by a member will have to be replaced or paid for as per local market price, if the book is not available and the current price cannot be determined from the local market, the double of the actual price as per record will be paid by the member.

  • The amount as cost of lost or damaged books or materials will be credited to PIHS account.

  • Books or other materials lost or found to be lost on stock-taking shall be reported to the principal for write-off

  • If any member leaves the college without returning books borrowed from the library, the price of the book will be adjusted against his/ her security dues with the college.

Gifts Policy

Gifts will be accepted at the discretion of the college librarian. Following are guidelines for accepting any offer of gifts.

  • Donations are welcomed which fall within the scope of the library’s collection development policy.

  • The library will not accept donations that duplicate existing stock, except in the case of core reading list material, or any material that is out of date or in poor physical condition.

  • The donations will be accepted without obligations to the donors and on the understanding that upon the receipt the material will become the property of the library.

  • Donated materials will have the same de-selection criteria as the other library materials.

Weeding & Write-off Policy

On receipt of a written request from the librarian, the principal shall depute one or two members other than the library staff for weeding out outdated worn-out and seriously damaged or mutilated materials. They shall submit their recommendations in writing to the competent authority for approval. After approval damaged materials will be struck off from the library register and record

Library Timing: 08:00 am to 04:00 pm

S.No Item Quantity
1 Total No of Books 2135
2 Total Periodical Subscribed 19
3 Total Periodical Received
1. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
4 Total International digital Journals
Springer Journals =1241
Taylors Francis Journals = 1000
Wiley-Blackwell Journals = 1234
Wolter Kluwers Journals = 275
5 Total Newspaper Subscribed
Urdu Daily Newspaper (05)
1. Roznama Jang
2. Roznama Dunya
3. Roznama Express
4. Roznama 92
5. Roznama Nawa-e-Waqt

English Daily Newspaper (05)
1. Express Tribune
2. Dawn
3. Daily Times
4. Pakistan observer
5. The News